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Trusted leader on the market who never fails to deliver

corporate service

Decades of Experience

If more than anything else you value in-depth, multidimensional expertise combined with on-time delivery of services, Arand is the right choice for you.
  • Profound analysis of your objectives while always prioritising a client-centred approach
  • Offering unrivalled innovation that remains in line with your long-term strategy
  • Ensuring clarity and transparency alongside compliance with corresponding legal standards throughout the process
  • Delivery of personalised, context-suited solutions resilient to obstacles present in the market
what we do

Global energy solutions at scale

We believe that the doors of energy transition should be open to everyone.
While the transition itself appears inevitable, widely-applicable solutions appear to be lacking. Regardless of how large or small the challenges you might face are, with our support you will be able to excel in executing a fast-paced transformation of your services.
As always, in harmony with nature.


Personalised, sustainable solutions, quality and extraordinary results crafted by talent


Kiprou 10 Street, 461 00
Igoumenitsa, Greece

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